Friday, July 3, 2009

stuff I want to make

I have this old hand-me-down dress that I think is pretty cute, however, the length is a bit of a problem. I think I need to shorten it, but I'm not sure how short. It's rayon and from Banana Republic. I'm thinking just over the knee, but I also sort of like the length it is now. There's something a little 30s/40s about it to me, by way of the 90s. However, I think it'll be a lot more wearable if I shorten it. Advice?

I want to use this pattern soon, but I need to find some good fabric for it. It should be made in a fabric with a bit of body, something like a light weight denim. But I really like the striped version shown and would like to make something like that. I haven't really looked yet, but I think I might have trouble finding something I like in the right weight.

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