Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photo 2

I posted these on my fashion blog, but they also seem relevant for a crafting blog. Art is kind of like crafting, right? They are from my Photo 2 class winter quarter.

Assignment One:
didn't scan because they're terrible. I was stuck in Duvall when it flooded with only color film and tried to print the color film in black and white which resulted in boring, flat pictures with no contrast. Eventually I'll probably get them printed in color and show them to you.

Assignment Two:
focus on blacks/dark tones
(antique typewriter)

focus on whites/light tones
(taken while snowshoeing in the mountains)

widest range of tones possible
(sign on the path while snowshoeing "Snoqualmie Pass" with the "p" worn off)

Assignment Three:
time & memory
(old truck in the woods)

(goatshed at my old house)

(fallen down barn and still standing but old shed)

Assignment Four:
image altered at the print level
(photo of newly built townhouses printed over photo of the woods around my house)

image altered at the negative level
(three negatives of me sewn together)

image altered in the camera
(double exposure of my friend in the car beside me and traffic out the window, my least favorite of this group)

image created without a camera
(van dyke print of cheesecloth, kale leaves, and bamboo leaves)

(cyanotype of a silk scarf and a chinese bone necklace that my dad gave to my mom)

(cyanotype of cheesecloth, a washer, and a twig)

Final Project:
photos of roadside memorials

I would love to hear your feedback on these. Some of my work from this class I am very happy with and some I feel that I didn't push myself hard enough to get to something interesting. I sort of feel like I did better work creatively in photo 1, and was just a little bit better technically in photo 2. I wish I'd pushed myself harder and devoted more time to the class. Oh, and like last time, my scanner washed out some of the more subtle tones, in none of them do they simply fade off the edge into the paper like that. Also, fiber paper attracts dust like crazy which can be rather annoying on the darker photos.

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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog cos i was looking for peanut butter+ramen articles. And now I found your beautiful works.. Love your Assignment Three
(time & memory)