Saturday, April 5, 2008

Political Paraphernalia and Process

Awhile back, around Super Tuesday, I made these buttons to support Barack Obama.

Then, before the caucus, I stenciled this shirt.

I get pretty bored with the same old candidate shirts and don't think they're especially flattering/attractive, so I wanted to make my own, in colors I like. I've also been really into this style of shirts, with the giant lettering filling the shirt.

So why am I talking about this now? Wasn't the Washington state caucus and Super Tuesday ages ago? Well yeah, but my LD caucus was today, I wore the shirt again, and remember how I said I got a new button maker? It's super old but it works perfectly!

Anyways, I made some new buttons, as well as some more of the smaller ones. In the picture, it's just the one of Obama's face and the small one that I made. The other two were from other people.

The LD caucus was cool, but took a REALLY long time. We were there for over nine hours and I am totally exhausted now. But I actually was elected one of the 10 Obama delegates from my district to go on to the next level, the Congressional District caucus and the State Convention. It was really freaking cool, but I was sooooo nervous when I got up there to give my speech. My mom said you couldn't tell, but my hands were shaking for ten minutes afterward. A couple of my frinds and other people I know where there as well and they stayed the whole time because they wanted to support me as delegate. It was amazing having all that support and people rooting for me. I'm hoping to go on the the National Convention in Denver, I think that would be amazing! I'm so stoked about this, but also ridiculously tired and I've got to work in the morning.

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