Thursday, April 10, 2008

Birthday Cinnamon Roll

My favorite cinnamon roll recipe is from this old restaurant in my town that hasn't been around since I was a little kid. They put out a cookbook with some of their most popular recipes and the cinnamon rolls were in it. They're sweetened with honey, and instead of thick white frosting, they have a honey butter glaze with is DELICIOUS. So much better, really.

A few years ago, I was making cinnamon rolls for breakfast for my friends (we got to go to school a few hours late because the sophomores had to take the WASL, so we met at someone's house for breakfast each morning) when I realized it was my friend Nicole's birthday the next day, the day we'd be eating the cinnamon rolls. I didn't have a present for her, so I decided to make a special cinnamon roll "the size of her face." It was deemed a success and I've made one every year since.

Since I was delivering the cinnamon roll this year, and since I've had bad luck getting cake pans back and such (not from her, but my friend's boyfriend totally stole my biggest cake pan) I decided using a disposable one would be the best idea. They even came with lids! And of course, I had to make a silly card. Yes, that is a greater than sign, signifying that the cinnamon roll is actually BIGGER than her face.

Like I said, this is a cake pan, I think a 9 inch one? So that gives you some idea of the size. But you definitely want to see it without the lid so you can see the delicious, shiny glaze.

Yum, right?

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