Monday, September 29, 2008

Cases: suitcase, compucase, cardcase

The week before school started I went to Texas (I got back the night before classes started) to see my cousins. Travel always seems to send me into a crafting frenzy. Maybe because it means I have new people to show off the awesome to? Anyways, I totally have a thing for painted suitcases, of the hardsided variety. Previously I've done a few with Lichtenstein paintings, but this time I was inspired by the japanese Rising Sun flag.

I also really needed something to carry my laptop in. I didn't want a whole laptop bag, something I could throw in whatever bag I was using instead. Originally the outside was going to be more interesting, with a stencil or applique or something, but I ended up simplifying it.

The lining is pretty sweet though.

Finally, I started using a new wallet that doesn't have a lot of room for cards (or any room really, I've just been shoving my license and debit card in with my cash, I need to fix that) so I needed something to carry buisness cards, giftcards, etc. I made this out of a Duran Duran tape that was damaged and didn't play right any more. And yes, I actually listen to tapes, and only craft with damaged ones. I'm oldschool.

It also has a pretty sweet lining.

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